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Restoration Oak Restoration Oak Restoration Oak Restoration Oak Restoration Oak

The premise behind Restoration Oak’s Artisan Boutique is the simple, yet profound concept that the true craftsmanship and quality workmanship of artisans around the world should be showcased, shared and appreciated by all. We work tirelessly to find these artisans, many of whom do not have an outlet in the United States and yet deserve to be recognized. It is a privilege to bring the work of these artisans to our customers and we will continue to find unique, one of a kind, home decor to share with you all. We hope you love the work as much as we do.

The Eco Friendly Interior Design Center allows us to showcase green alternatives to flooring, wall coverings, paint, plaster and so much more for your home. We can take your vision and help you refine and perfect it while keeping to a sustainable, green foundation that is safe and healthy, and good for the environment. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to create your dream space or home-and we can also help you decorate that dream space with beautiful artisan pieces. Our customers have great style and ideas and we are here to help you realize those visions with an emphasis on green design. Let Nature Be Your Canvas.

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